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Frances Pisano is the CEO – Founder of THE ERGOLAB and ERGONOMIC EDGE both are Pisano & Associates, LLC Companies. Frances has a Masters Degree in Occupational Safety Health and Ergonomic Engineering, and has been working in the field for over 25 years. As a result, she has breadth and depth of experience that spans across many industries. In 1998, Frances left her position as Corporate Safety & Ergonomics Manager at Polaroid Corporation to establish her own Safety, Health and Ergonomic Consulting firm; Pisano & Associates, LLC, and an Office Ergonomic Product Sales business, Ergonomic Edge both located in Rhode Island. Her ever-growing passion for the science and application of Ergonomics has now led to the birth of another Pisano & Associates, LLC company; THE ERGOLAB, a new consulting firm that will focus strictly on Ergonomics. Frances’ decision to transition full time into Ergonomic Consulting and Ergonomic Product Sales, while transitioning out of the traditional OSHA compliance work comes from her belief based on years of experience that this transition will allow her to have a greater impact on employee health and wellbeing. She believes the rapidly growing field of Ergonomics needs strong supporters and passionate advocates at the grass roots level to ensure we are creating comfortable and safe work environments for our employees. After all, our employees are our greatest assets. Her dream is for THE ERGOLAB to be the “GO TO” place for everything ergonomic and her passion is contagious! Prior to establishing Pisano & Associates, LLC and Ergonomic Edge in 1998, Frances was the Corporate Safety & Ergonomics Manager at Polaroid for 7 years where she was responsible for advising and influencing senior management in shaping goals with regard to EHS & Ergonomics, as well as providing support at all organizational levels in meeting these goals. Frances was responsible for the ongoing management of complex corporate safety, health and ergonomic programs and played a key role in the development and implementation of a corporate-wide EHS Management System and a worldwide Ergonomics Program.

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