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OK Mr. Employer. Let’s face it, now in the US, you hold most of the cards in the employer / employee power balance.  Employment insecurity is everywhere and people are smart enough to keep their heads down, ask for little  and work hard during times like these.   The bar is set very low now for American employers. As with all things, this too shall pass.  What goes down, goes back up…and the dance starts all over again.

What does this have to do with Ergonomics?   

A new survey carried out by The Office Exhibition has shown that almost 90 percent of office workers regard the design and layout of their office as affecting their level of motivation. Despite this, around 50 percent said that they had never had any sort of workspace assessment.  

Soon, very soon, high-caliber knowledge workers will once again be a valued resource to corporate America; a proactive Ergonomic strategy will ensure your enterprise is the employer of choice in within your industry.  

MiddleEastEvents.com -Survey Shows The Office Environment Is A Key Motivator For Staff – So Follow These Top Ergonomic Tips To Make Sure You Get It Right.

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